We bring VoIP closer to your company

Who are we?

We are Optisistem, the telecommunications company in Barcelona. We are pioneers in developing Voice over IP systems. We have been working with this technology for over 10 years and were the first ones on having a certificate. dCAP in Barcelona

Our goal

Our goal is to ensure technology serves our clients, offering real solutions, tailored to their needs. We believe in our skills and creativity and approach every project as a challenge.

We are your
best partner

And we will never deny it. We are a team of technical experts developing systems and software. Our certifications are just one more proof: no one else will offer a higher quality service.

We will go
as far as needed

We know no limits, we have to ensure that your company obtains maximum return of investment and this is why we hire the best team and rely on the best partners and providers:

The best hardware
for the best software

We always work with the best hardware available to your needs, using the best brands, to ensure that budget is not a limiting factor for your company to get the best results through the use of cutting edge technology.

Open Source

Of course! We firmly believe in open software, we have for over a decade, but we only rely on the best of the industry. Our solutions are based on Linux best distributions, backed by communities and highly specialized companies, you can ask them yourself

Do you have any questions?

The best way for people to agree is to talk and on top of that we love phones! Get in touch with us and we will answer any questions.

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